Royal Hours of Christmas 2020

Small Paraklesis to tthe Theotokos 12/10/2020

Christmas Eve 2020

Christmas Day 2020

Paraklesis to St. Nikiforos the Leper 12/15/2021

Sunday of All Saints. Orthros and Divine Liturgy. 6-14-2020

Small Paraklesis to the Theotokos. 6-10-2020

Monday of the Holy Spirit. Orthros and Liturgy. 6-8-2020

Kneeling Prayers of Pentecost (Vespers). 6-7-2020

Pentecost. Orthros and Liturgy. 6-7-2020

Apodosis of Pascha. 5-27-2020

Ascension.Orthros and Divine Liturgy. 5-28-2020

Vespers. Sts. Constantine and Helen. 5-20-2020

Sts. Constantine and Helen.5-21-2020

Thursday of Bright Week. St. George. 4-23-2020

Friday of Bright Week. The Life-Giving Spring. 4-24-2020

Holy Friday Hours

Holy Wednesday. Holy Unction. 4-15-2020

Holy Wednesday Bridegroom Service

Holy Thursday Vesperal Liturgy: The Mystical Supper. 4-16-2020

Holy Thursday Evening: The 12 Gospels. 4-16-2020

Holy Friday, Service of the Unnailing. 4-17-2020

Holy Friday Lamentations. 4-17-2020

Holy Saturday Morning. First Resurrection. 4-18-2020

Resurrection Service, Saturday Night

Pascha Sunday, Agape Service

Holy Monday Bridegroom Service. 4-13-2020

Holy Tuesday Bridegroom Service. 4-14-2020

Holy Wednesday Presanctified LIturgy. 4-15-2020

Holy Monday Presanctified Liturgy. 4-13-2020

Annunciation. Orthros, Liturgy, Doxology

Palm Sunday night Bridegroom Service. 4-12-2020

Palm Sunday. Orthros and Divine Liturgy. 4-12-2020

Lazarus Saturday. Orthros and Divine Liturgy. 4-11-2020

Presanctified Liturgy.4-8-2020

Great Compline. 4-6-2020

Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt. Part 1, Orthros. 4-5-2020

Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt. Part 2: end of Orthros, including Doxology, and Liturgy. 4-5-2020

Presanctified Liturgy. 4-1-2020

Canon of St. Andrew, and Life of St. Mary of Egypt. 4-2-2020

Akathist Hymn. 4-3-2020

4th Salutations to the Theotokos. 3-27-20