Parable of the Great Banquet.Luke 14:16-24.12/13/2020

The Rich young Ruler

Parable of the Rich fool

Sermon on St. Gerasimos. 10/20/2020

Sermon. The Gadarene.Swine. 10/25/2020

You Are the Light of the World

The Healing of the Blind Men

The miracle of the loaves

“O ye of little faith...” Mathew 14:22-34

Dormition of the Theotokos

Gospel of Matthew 17:14-23. Healing the Epileptic

"Follow Me": Christ Calling the Disciples

Sermon. Sunday of All Saints. 6-14-2020

The Holy Trinity. Sermon, Holy Spirit Monday. 6-8-2020

Icon of Pentecost. Sermon 6-7-2020

Saturday of the Souls. Sermon 6-6-2020

Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council. Sermon. 5-31-2020

Sunday of the Blind Man. Sermon.5-24-2020

Ascension. Sermon. 5-28-2020

Sts.Constantine and Helen. Sermon. 5-20-2020

The Samaritan Woman. Sermon 5-17-2020

Sunday of the Paralytic. Sermon 5-10-2020

Reflecting the Light of Christ: Sermon 5-11-20

Thomas Sunday Sermon: The Scars of Christ. 4-26-2020

Sermon on the Myrrh-Bearing Women.5-3-2020

Holy Wednesday Sermon. The Mystical Supper. 4-15-2020

Holy Friday: Sermon. The Being and the Becoming. 4-17-2020

Sermon for the Resurrection

Tuesday Bridegroom: Sermon 4-14-2020. Freedom: Judas and the Harlot

Monday Bridegroom: Sermon 4-13-2020

Palm Sunday: Sermon 4-12-2020

Lazarus Saturday: Sermon 4-11-2020

St. Mary of Egypt: Sermon 4-5-2020

Veneration of the Cross: Sermon 3-22-2020

St. John Klimakos: Sermon 3-29-2020